How it works

Eco-friendly, natural soaps in refundable mason jars. Delivered to your home or business.

Commercial products are packed with chemicals that harm both the environment and your own sweet self. Add to that tons of packaging that ends up in the landfill or in the ocean. 

We're offering a great solution to both these problems! 100% plant-based, natural and biodegradable home and personal care products in a zero waste system. 

We are committed to a regenerative, sustainable future. That's why we offer our natural products in reusable aluminum bottles. Refills come in a glass Mason jar. Return the jar and repeat.

Already have a container? Just buy the refill and return the jar when you're done. Order online and we'll deliver all your natural and zero waste products to your home or business. 

Nikki Fotheringham, Founder

I believe in providing sustainable, natural products you can feel proud of. I know I do! Our products are made in Canada, bottled in Warkworth and made with lots of local love.

From our 30-acre farm we gather cedar, wild roses and lavender through regenerative farming methods, create natural products and deliver them to your door as sustainably as possible.